Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I finished listening to some drama CDs yesterday evening/night.

And I think I'll be leaving 感応時間 (Kannou Jikan) at that.
1) I dislike the idea of myself getting hypnotised (0_o)
2) I didn't quite get what was going on
3) Ero overload (particularly volume 5 @////////////////@)

This freaking pair of twins!! What have you both done to me?? You guys were supposed to make me relax, right? NOT do 'unimaginable stuff' to me, right!? ヽ(`Д´)ノプンプン

And no, it's not BL or anything. It's just the way the boys were illustrated that makes it seem that way. I mean, look at the Hitachiin twins! (¬_¬) No, don't get me wrong. I love Ouran High School Host Club, and I love the twins, especially Hikaru-kun!

But it's a good remedy for insomnia :D
I have to admit, I like the designs for the characters and the seiyuus' voices were all super sexy~ Pure eargasm *nosebleed*

Afterwards I moved on to 雨枕 (Amemakura). Another good remedy for insomnia.
I went for Volume 1 (Warren Subaru, CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke) first, and started imagining the guy as Tomoya (from Shukan Soine). Tachibana-san's voice is- sexy! *nosebleed fountain*
I was listening to it at around 1am, and as hard as I forced myself to not fall asleep, I eventually did (/ o \) Tachibana-san's voice was so soft and gentle~ (>/////v/////<)
And yes, it's another Subaru. Gosh why do I keep falling for all these Subarus? (With reference to Sakamaki Subaru from Diabolik Lovers)

I think I've a slight fetish for blondies too (>o<)
I love his fluffy coat, by the way XD

Will be listening to Volume 2 (Taiga Aoi, CV: Taniyama Kishou) tonight. Looking forward to it! (*^^*)

And I got my hands on the I ♥Love Pet! series today so I'll give it a listen. The concept of pets turning into humans sounds pretty interesting, and even more so since I love animals! ('∀`)
I also want to write about KISS X KISS and Kindan Vampire, but I think now isn't the best time to do it. I've got to re-listen to volume 1 of Kindan Vampire again because I kind of forgot what happened (>_< ;) I like it's OSTs though - haunting and medieval (=w=)

Oh and I'd like to wish my dear cousin a Happy Birthday! Be a good boy and grow up healthily! Even though you always bully me and we fight a lot, onee chan will always be there for you! I love you! *flying kiss* ♥
Can't wait to go to the Harry Potter exhibition tomorrow!